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BPCL Natural Gas

A Revolutionizing India’s Green Journey

A project in collaboration with Mad n Crazy Works 

BPCL Natural Gas, is a legacy brand. An extension of the esteemed Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited which works directly as a representative of the Oil and Gas Ministry. It is one of the most renowned and trusted CNG and PNG providers in the country with a 14000km long large Pipeline Network running across different states, connecting small towns and cities.  

As an alternate fuel, Natural Gas is relatively not as popular, BPCL Natural Gas’ goal is to change public perception of Natural Gas, reduce carbon footprint and kickstart India’s decarbonization journey while also setting the nation on a futuristic path to Hydrogen Economy in the long run.  

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As noble a thought and cause this is, executing it through a simple, easy to understand, relatable and easily adaptable concept was needed. If not communicated correctly, the message would be lost – that's where we came into the picture.  


01     Compose a clear thought and narrative.

02    Create character stories to match flavours they represent.

03    Plan a holistic brand communication.

04    Create relevant posts to the philosophy and the campaign for Social Media.

05    Carve a distinct Social Media personality and space for the brand.

06    Build the #LiveGreenLiveBetter thought



The first step naturally was to read and research as deeply as we could about Natural Gas, right from how it is formed and how it is sourced to its various uses across Industries. We studied the brand, its competitors and the product extensively. We also studied the loopholes in the process in the search of what was missing – in the product, the brand speak and how the brand was conducting itself.

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Upon thinking about the need the brand is trying to meet, we found the answer in a simple question – What would be the positive counterpart of carbon footprint be? That’s where we found the concept for our campaign and a unique property for BPCL Natural Gas. Thus, was born #TheGoodPrint Campaign – a green initiative for the people and the environment.

CupJi Approach 2 2.png

Build The Campaign

With this campaign we aimed to establish an environment consciousness in the country, encourage and inspire everyone to lead in the good path of living green and choosing green wherever possible, all across the brand verticals and across the country. #TheGoodPrint thought and its essence of taking care of the environment and kindness towards our surrounding was taken to small towns and cities, on trucks, autos and taxis – for each, we got down to details as minute as the measurements of the cascades to finding vendors who could bring our verbal & design canvas to life. The thought was taken to CNG and Petrol Stations across districts in Maharashtra, Chennai, Punjab etc. It was taken to schools, corporate partner meets and awareness drives. The campaign found its face in the shape of green footprints as the prime identifier.

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For this expansion our team got down to composing and designing Taglines, Slogans, Power Quotes, Banners, Standees and Pamphlets going beyond traditional media and language limitations. For instance, for the School Awareness Event for #TheGoodPrint Prodigies we made learning fun by designing customized Snakes and Ladders and informative pamphlets full of knowledge but with a hint of our quirk. But that’s not where we stopped, the SMS’22 (Suraksha mein Shakti) Campaign and Retail Outlets branding were some other popular projects that became a much celebrated topics of conversation and exposure for BPCL Natural Gas.

Expand To Social Media

On social media, we designed a persona for BPCL Natural Gas that positioned it as an authority on information, innovation and the good cause of green living while the communication was designed to be inclusive to make the brand more approachable. We were able to build BPCL Natural Gas enough for it to be able to independently have its own social media pages, separate from BPCL.

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Reached more than 10000 families across India with an ongoing expansion targeting higher numbers.
Engaged with 7000 school kids, educated them about the benefits of a green life and encouraged them to adopt and spread #TheGoodPrint thought.

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Checkout what our clients say about us !!

Anuraag Gupta

I have been their client for several years now and just love their work. Flying Elephant designs studio understands the clients’ requirements and then designs to cull out the best designs for your business or personal events like weddings, etc. Their work is contemporary, creative and customised.

Devang Shah

Ayurprana, USA

We have been working with Flying Elephants for the past 3 months and have had great experience. Akanksha does a great job asking questions to understand our brand and market. They are open to feedback and going back and forth on getting the design elements right. they also provide their opinions regarding design in a collaborative way.

Radhika Shah

Sales Director, Amal Developers

We were very happy to give our ideas to the fantastic team of Flying elephants , Akanksha n team ! They designed the brochure of our new building in khar with our inputs and ideas very well and it was an excellent experience ! All the best to the team!

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